Our Programs

Through our programs, Family Peace Association promotes educational projects, forums, conferences and interactive seminars for the research and propagation of Universal Principles and Values for the strengthening of individuals, marriages, families and communities. We work across national, racial, religious and cultural divides to build an international, intercultural and interreligious movement, promoting God-centered families and a culture of true love.  

Leadership Task Force

The Leadership Task Force (LTF) is a 7-year program for college-age youth. The program cultivates a candidate’s spiritual and character capacities so they can lead in their family, community, nation and world. 

Jr. Leadership Task Force

Jr. Leadership Task Force (Jr. LTF) is the precursor to Leadership Task Force. Jr. LTF is a spiritual leadership program for middle school and high school youth, and focuses on applying virtues and values in family and daily life. 

Core Values for Life

Core Values for Life (CVL) is the Family Peace Association’s a spiritual community for young adults. CVL is building a faith community of young adults that supports each other in developing qualities essential to raising a healthy God-centered family.

Core Values Academy

Core Values Academy (CVA) is designed to support the spiritual development and family life for school-aged children. The lessons and activities encourage students to continuously develop their relationships with God in their families and daily lives.

Marriage Preparation

Marriage preparation workshops are available for high school age and above. Workshops cover the significance and purpose of marriage, how to make a commitment, purity and preparation before marriage, complementary aspects of masculinity and femininity, and how to cultivate good relationships in the extended family.

Spiritual Growth in Nature

FPA’s Outdoor Adventure Programs offer participants experiential learning opportunities in the greatest classroom of all – God’s pristine Creation. Immersed in a wilderness setting, participants have the opportunity to apply theoretical principles in a challenging environment that tests and cultivates their character and spirit.