What is the Family Peace Association?

The Family Peace Association is an association of families and communities that work across national, cultural and religious boundaries to support the establishment of God-centered families. We do this by providing a broad platform within which to develop and share creative applications of universal principles and values to help families grow in their relationship to God and the wider human family.


A world of peace through God-centered families.

Mission Statement

The Family Peace Association seeks to enlighten humanity by uplifting our spiritual consciousness through universal principles and values rooted in God-centered families.

Why Family Peace?

We are all born into and live as families. It is within the family that we first experience life’s truths and form our first social bonds and relationships. While most people understand the importance of families, we believe that families are the single most important human institution, with the God-given potential to create peace for both individuals and global society. 

We believe these truths reflect God’s design for the family to be “a sacred institution where God’s original vision of creation was meant to take root.” When life and relationships begin within the context of a healthy family that puts God and universal principles at its center, it creates the best possible conditions for love, life and human flourishing. Such families, with a thorough understanding of God’s ideal of a peaceful human family would cultivate the mindset to serve the greater human family, bringing positive benefit to any and every context within which they would live.  

In this way, God-centered families become the “school of love and virtue,” and raise virtuous, caring and engaged citizens in his or her community, society, nation and world. 

Such families become the building blocks of a peaceful world – a world of love and happiness. 

Why Association?

As God’s sons and daughters, human beings are endowed with the creative ability and responsibility to be virtuous citizens and responsible stewards over all creation. As the first and primary school of love and virtue, families from all backgrounds and walks of life can come together to share and support one another in their efforts to create God-centered families that will, in turn, raise these virtuous, global citizens.  FPA provides the platform and network within which to expand the impact of these efforts in ways that can serve all humanity.

 Our Logo

The Family Peace Association logo represents the significant role of families as participants in building a world of peace. The circular light represents God and His truth, love, and life. The larger and smaller figures represent parents and children. All the family members have their arms stretched, reaching towards God, signifying their continuous aspiration to uphold and embody God’s love, principles, and values.

The logo resembles the form of a tree, symbolizing the tree of life and encompasses the three generations in a family – God, parents and children, representing past, present and future generations and the continuum of humanity. The logo as a whole also represents the union of Heaven, Earth and humanity through the family.

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